Sallenar is often viewed as the most crowded continent, as many races live on this continent. The dragons came into being on this planet, as did their creations, dragonborn, draconians, and kobolds. This is the homeland of the dwarves, as well their mechanical servants, the dwarforged. Humans are native to Sallenar, and the few tieflings that remain also live here. After the elven races came through from El’Anarith, they too settled here. Some halflings live here as well, and have settled into cultures similar to their old lives.

Early Sallenar (20,000-14,000 BK) was dominated by the humans. The humans of the central plains became dominated by the Laphori, proud horseback-riding warriors and nomads who carved out their place in Sallenar. Meanwhile, in the eastern peninsulas, the Baernad built huge fortress-cities on the sea, where they designed the first trade ships.

In around 13,000-9000 BK, the balance shifted when portals opened on the peninsulas and out came millions of elfkind. The drow, having not much to do with the other elves, retreated into the caves and hills where they established small towns. The remaining elves were split between different philosophies, though. Some wanted to retreat into the Varda Woodlands, while some wanted to take the Baernad fortress cities as their own. These groups eventually split into the wood elves and the high elves. The high elves succeeded in their goals, and many of the Baernad fortress cities became the modern eladrin city-states.

From 9,000-6,000, the races started to equalize as different groups rushed for power. The eladrin claimed land from the fortress-cities, creating city-states surrounded by farms. The humans started to forge their own various kingdoms in central and southern Sallenar, and the arts of war were perfected. The dwarves stepped forward from the mountains and allied with different human kingdoms in their constant war. The dragons started to carve out a portion of land for themselves, and a few drow relocated to the human kingdoms.

By 6,000, the human kingdoms had weakened, and they soon found their land taken by the dwarves that had once been their allies. The dwarves had advanced technology and military tactics, and they claimed a lot of land for themselves. During their reign, the dwarves invented the dwarforged, a race of metallic soldiers who were dedicated servants of dwarven rule. The dragons claimed more and more northern territories in short, quick raids.

In 1,000, the dragons did the unthinkable: they declared war on the dwarves. The problem was, there weren’t enough dragons to hold out against the dwarves’ heavily populated kingdoms. This is when the dragons revealed a secret: they had genetically created races of humanoid/draconic hybrids: dragonborn, draconians, and kobolds. The kobolds were small and stupid, used as manual labor and cannon fodder. The draconians and dragonborn were supposed to be the elite soldiers, but a few dragonborn spoke out against the dragons, and shunned them for their cruel actions, saying they were not living the life Io had intended for them. The dragonborn were banished for their actions.


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